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Lodestone’s Leadership & Vision

Lodestone is a privately owned company with deep roots in and a firm commitment to Namibia. The company is led by individuals whose aim it is to establish a fit for purpose bulk commodities and ultimately green steel industry in Namibia.

We believe that bulk commodities and their higher value derivatives represent the right opportunity for Namibia to intensify, upgrade and utilise its primary infrastructure consisting of road, rail, port, power and water, for the industrialisation, economic growth and development of Namibia.

Forging at Lodestone Nambia Dordabis Project

Lodestone Directors

Lodestone Nambia Dordabis Project



 A comprehensive ESIA has been completed for the project in 2014 and renewed in 2021. The projects only major impact is a positive one, the provision of opportunities for a largely impoverished local community. All impacts were assessed by competent, reputable and independent specialists in their respective fields. The environmental management plan developed throughout the projects various phases is managed by Lodestone and audited by the Government of Namibia’s Environmental Agency and Ministry. Lodestone has a forum by which it interacts with its neighbors and surrounding communities, this has proven to be useful for everyone in expressing concerns and receiving valid and accurate information on the project itself.


Lodestone operates its Dordabis Project within the Windhoek Rural Constituency and more specifically the communities of Hatsamas, Stinkwater, Bloukraans and Dordabis. We have made a commitment to secure most of our labor requirments from these communities and support the development of these together with the local government and community leaders who are best placed to assess the real needs of their community members and how Lodestone can participate in alleviating these needs. We believe that the opportunity for stable employment, local sourcing and procurement will enable these communities to flourish in partnership with Lodestone by addressing some of the causes of poverty such as lack of income and general hopelessness. We aim to walk the path of change enabling a generation to determine the trajectory of their


Although privately owned, continues to engage very openly with the public on its balance of shareholder value and broad as well as focused stakeholder benefit. Lodestone continues to conduct its business activity and financial reporting to stock listed standards, even though not required to do so, to ensure accountability of management and the company to all of its stakeholders, shareholders and commercial partners.

Lodestone Nambia Dordabis Project

Namibian Office

Lodestone Namibia (Pty) Ltd 1st Floor, 37 on Schanzen Street, Windhoek, Namibia

Paula-Marie Gurirab
+264 61 218079