About Lodestone Namibia

Who we Are

Lodestone Namibia
Proprietary Limited (LNPL)...

Lodestone Namibia (Pty) Ltd. is a 100% privately funded mining company carrying zero external debt. Within a
period of 3 years Lodestone has achieved the following significant milestones:


Lodestone has been issued a 20 year mining license (November 2014) and a further 3 exclusive prospecting licenses covering an area of 38,000 hectares by the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

Resource Base and PFS

A JORC 2012 code compliant resource statement and pre feasibility study (including value engineering) have been completed for the export of 2.0 MTPY of high grade iron ore concentrates (66% Fe) via an established railway network to the port of Walvis Bay with only minor enabling infrastructure investment required.

Phased Approach for
Cash Generation

Lodestone is adopting a phased approach to generate significant cash flows that will make use of existing on site utilities, rail rolling stock and harbor facilities whilst developing the larger 2.0 MTPY project in parallel. We believe this approach minimizes capital requirements and proves the unusually low FOB cash costs for an exceptionally pure iron ore concentrate from mine to port.